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The roof is a key part of any building design and one of its most important structural aspects. Metal roofs provide a durable and stunning product for those looking for a long term solution. Building owners are increasingly making metal roofs their product of choice as a cost effective and functional architectural feature. Alcan Products manufactures residential and commercial roof panels that are offered in a variety of profiles. The Kynar 12,000 Series is pre-finished premium metal with superior Kynar coating that comes in 24, 26 and 30gauge thickness. Our metal roofing panels can also be used for projects requiring either exterior or interior wall paneling. Alcan Products provides roofing panels with a specially designed snap seam for quick and easy installation. The structure of our metal panel roof includes unique panel mounting clips that connect panels together in a way that allows the metal roof panels to expand and contract through temperature change, which drastically minimizes roof stressing. To find the perfect color for your project browse through our color charts: COLOR CHART 1 and COLOR CHART 2 or contact us for specialized custom colors.